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Perimatic Premier Pump Dispenser

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Perimatic Premier Pump Dispenser
  • Microprocessor calibration
  • Memory to store calibration values, volumes and set-ups for various tubing sizes
  • Dispense speed control handles most liquids
  • XY module interface available—sold separately
  • Preprogrammed user selectable languages
  • Manual dispensing by hand or footswitch
  • Automatic dispensing with interval timer
  • Sequential slow/fast/slow dispensing

The Perimatic Premier is a heavy-duty, microprocessor-controlled precision dispensing pump, ideally suited fro rapidly and reproducibly filling a variety of containers including vials, bottles, test tubes and Petri dishes.

The Premier achieves its high performance due to its precision rotor and pinch valve design. The Perimatic Premier is particularly suited to media dispensing as its “stand-by” mode ensures constant recirculation of the reservoir contents, thereby keeping the media in suspension when not actively dispensing.

Jencons Part # Description Cat. # Price
256-005 Perimatic Premier Pump Dispenser** 8000-20  
**Includes three sets of tubing assemblies and footswitch
Dispensing range, ml: 0.5 to 9999.9
Accuracy: ±1.0% for volumes over 20ml
Repeatability: <1%
Max/Min tube bore, mm: 8/3
Tube wall thickness, mm: 2
Pumping rate*, ml/sec: 2.1 to 33.3
Power (Dual selectable voltage): 220-240V/110V-120V 50/60Hz, 150W
Dimensions (lxwxh), mm: 310x360x320
Weight, kg: 16
*Dependent upon tube bore and selected speed. Data is based on dispensing water at 21°C.

Accessories for Permatic Premier Pump Dispenser Jencons Part # Cat. # Price
3x7mm (IDxOD) Silicone Tubing Assemblies   8000-21  
5x9mm (IDxOD) Silicone Tubing Assemblies   8000-22  
8x12mm (IDxOD) Silicone Tubing Assemblies   8000-23  
Spare Silicone Tubing, 3x7mm (IDxOD)   8000-28  
Spare Silicone Tubing, 5x9mm (IDxOD)   8000-29  
Spare Silicone Tubing, 8x12mm (IDxOD)   8000-30  
Stainless Steel Delivery Nozzle; 3mm dia.   8000-31  
Stainless Steel Delivery Nozzle; 5mm dia.   8000-32  
Stainless Steel Delivery Nozzle; 8mm dia.   8000-33  
Footswitch   8000-34  

Perimatic Robotic XY Module

Perimatic Robotic XY Module

  • Microprocessor-controlled
  • Settle Delay—ensures the nozzle comes to a complete standstill prior to dispensing
  • New tray guide is now adjustable to enhance position accuracy
  • Menu-driven LCD for fast program changes
  • Drip Delay—ensures any drips are contained before the X-Y moves to its next position
  • Preprogrammed user-selectable languages in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
  • Manufactured to BSEN ISO 9002
  • A wide range of tube/bottle racks available
  • Adjustable legs allow XY filling of test tubes up to 200mm high
  • Stainless steel precision dispense nozzles

The Perimatic Robotic XY Module has been designed to automate the filling of a wide range of containers in conjunction with the Perimatic range of liquid dispensers. These containers can be filled in straight rows or in “honeycomb” pattern. The system can be programmed to memorize up to 50 fill patterns.

Jencons # Description Cat. # Price
256-065 Robotic XY Module 8000-35  
256-068 Perimatic Premier with XY Module 8000-36  

Speed, mm/sec : 120 (max) excluding acceleration and declaration times
Fill area, mm: 400x245 (from fill nozzle centers)
Resolution, mm: Typically 0.25
Accuracy, mm: 0.3*
Drip delay, second: 0-9.9 seconds in 0.1 second increments
Settle delay, second: 0.0-9.9
Fill Points: 99(X) and 99(Y)
Memory: Non-volatile. Stores up to 50 fill patterns
Input ports: RS232 interface (Baud rate selectable). Connector to Perimatic dispenser
Float switch: Inhibits dispensing if reservoir is dry
Electrics: 200-240V and 110-120V (selectable) 50/60Hz; 40W
Dimensions (lxwxh): 735x385x280 without dispensing unit
Weight, kg: 14

Aluminum Sectioned Trays for Vials, Bottles and Tubes

All sectioned container trays and racks for the XY Module are 400x250mm (lxd) and are made of heavy gauge, anodized aluminum. All corners are welded to contain any spillages.

Fits tube diameter (mm) Tube Capacity Jencons Part # Cat. # Price
12 570 256-070 8000-38  
13 522 256-071 8000-39  
14 416 256-072 8000-40  
16 322 256-073 8000-41  
18 273 256-074 8000-42  
20 228 256-075 8000-43  
24 160 256-076 8000-44  
30 104 256-077 8000-45  
32 77 256-078 8000-46  
36 60 256-079 8000-47  
40 54 256-080 8000-48  
49 40 256-081 8000-49  
60 24 256-082 8000-50  

Aluminum Sectioned Tray for Test Tubes

Double Platform Tube Rack Tube Capacity Jencons Part # Cat. # Price
For 10mm tubes up to 200mm high 345 256-095 8000-51  
For 16mm tubes up to 200mm high 187 256-096 8000-52  
For 16.5mm tubes up to 200mm high 187 256-097 8000-53  
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