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Orbis Plus Microplate Shakers
by Jencons Scientific

Orbis microplate shaker, No. 8000-12 shown microtube shaker platform, No. <a class=

8000-15" height="254" width="230"

Microtube shaker platform 8000-15
  • Ideal for field applications
  • All styles of microplates accommodated
  • No maintenance required

The Orbis Plus shaker is a compact choice of microplate shaker for any test environment. With a footprint marginally larger than that of the microplate it shakes, the Orbis offers the most economical and advanced solution for your shaking applications.

The Orbis Plus shaker can be operated as a stand alone unit or alternatively be easily integrated into a robotic system, with a remote on/off control. Features include variable speed control, brushless DC motor for quiet and reliable operation, and a low voltage supply for enhanced safety. The Orbis Plus includes cover and timer function.

The Orbis Plus shaker can operate as a microtube shaker when used with an accessory tube platform.The platform accommodates 40 tubes with diameters 10.5 to 12.7mm.


Orbis Plus Microplate Shaker*
Jencons Part # Description Cat. # Price
700-241 Platform for shaker, holds 40 microtubes 8000-15 $ 62
*Please specify electrical when ordering
Specifications Orbis Plus
Shaking orbit: 1mm radius
Capacity: 1x96 well microplate
Shaking speed range: 950rpm to 1300rpm
Timer function: 1 to 180mins and continuous
Dimensions: 3.72"W x 5.32"D x 2.88"H
(93 x 133 x 72 mm)
Electrical*: 230V 50/60Hz/ 100V 50Hz
Power consumption: 65mA
Power supply: 15V 100mA DC
Environmental operating temperature: +10 to 40°C
Environmental storage temperature: +4 to 40°C
Weight : 1.5 lbs (715 g)
*Please specify electrical when ordering
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