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Millennium 1000 Microplate Washer

Jencons Microplate Washer
Shown with optional aerosol cover. Jencons Microlate Filler with Lid
  • Accurate dispensing and low residual volumes
  • Up to 25 user-programmable wash protocols
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain
  • Compact design

The Millennium 1000 microplate washer is a fully automated processor for washing both 96- and 384-well microplates, in all possible profiles. It is designed to achieve fast and reliable microplate processing with high precision and repeatability, while allowing the user a multitude of individual adjustment possibilities.

This Millennium 1000 uses separate dispense and aspirate channels which reduce any possibility of cross contamination. Its unique open construction and RS232 port allows for easy integration with robotic systems. Other features include an illuminated alpha numeric display, liquid level sensing in wash and waste reservoirs with visual warning systems, and 12V DC operation supplied via an external power supply for enhanced safety. Optional aerosol protection cover is also available.

High-throughput, automated microplate washer by Hudson Robotics

Millennium 1000 Microplate Washer
Jencons # Description Cat. # Price
700-186 8-channel washer for 96-well plates 8000-05 $ 7,410
700-187 12-channel washer for 96-well plates 8000-06 $ 7,939
700-188 16-channel washer for 96-well plates 8000-07 $ 8,473
700-189 24-channel washer for 96-well plates 8000-08 $ 8,997
700-190 48-channel washer for 384-well plates 8000-09 $ 11,114
700-191 Aerosol cover 8000-10 $ 1,158
Dimensions: 14"Wx26"Dx14"H (350 mm x 650 mm x 350 mm)
Operating voltage/Hz: 100-240V/50-60Hz
Max current requirement, VA: 52
Dispense reservoir: up to 3x2 L
Waste reservoir: 2 L
Residual volume: 3µl per well typical action, 1 µl per well with sweep
Precision: CV≤3% @ 300 µl per well
Dispensing volume: 25-1500 µl in 25 µl increments
Speed, min.: 2.5 to complete a 3 wash cycle using a 12-channel washer, double head, 350 µl per well, 96 wells
Net weight: 20.24 lbs (9.2 kg)
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