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    • Space efficient design is ideal for use on crowded work surfaces such as biosafety cabinets and hoods
    • Chemical resistant, white ceramic platforms
    • Digital Display provides visualization of speed and temperature contol
    • LED light safety feature indicates when the top plate is above 50 °C
    • Compatible with borosilicate glass beakers and other vessels up to 20 liters
    Voltage: 115 V
    Design: Hot Plate, Stirrer, Hot Plate Stirrer
    Material: Ceramic
    Controls: Digital
    Maximum Temperature: 400°C, No Heat
    Maximum Speed: N/A, 1500 rpm
    Plug Type: US Plug
    Platform Size: 7" x 7", 10" x 10"
    Manufacturer SKU: H3770-H, H3770-S, H3770-HS, H3710-H, H3710-S, H3710-HS
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    2 Voltage4 Design1 Material1 Controls1 Maximum Temperature1 Maximum Speed2 Plate Diameter6 Manufacturer SKU

    Voltage: 120 V, 240 V
    Design: Hot Plate Stirrer, Magnetic Stirrer, Hot Plate, Stirrer
    Material: Ceramic
    Controls: Analog
    Maximum Temperature: 380°C
    Maximum Speed: 1500 rpm
    Plate Diameter: 7.5", 7.1"
    Manufacturer SKU: H4000-HS, H4000-HS-E, H4000-H, H4000-H-E, H4000-S, H4000-S-E
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3 products meet your criteria.

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Hot Plate & Stirrer Models

MiniMag™ Magnetic Stirrer by Benchmark Scientific

MiniMag™ Magnetic Stirrer by Benchmark Scientific

Remote Control Hot Plates

For use in fume hoods and other corrosive environments, such as wet processing stations; remote can be place up to 5 feet away from the plate for safe operation

High-Capacity Hot Plates

Aluminum top plate outperforms other materials and provides 144 or 288 sq. in. of surface; capable of handling one large or numerous small vessels, with high wattage for fast heat-up times

Explosion-Proof Hot Plate by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ideal for use in hazardous applications, models are constructed with corrosion-resistant steel and feature overtemperature safety monitors

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