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Maximum Speed
Temperature Control
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Product Details

• General purpose Heraeus Multifuge X3 Centrifuge accommodates swinging, fixed-angle and lightweight Fiberlite rotors

• At 3 liters, X3 models have nearly twice the capacity as industry-average centrifuges with the same or smaller footprint than comparable instruments

• Ergonomic working height of 31.1" reduces user reaching and lifting effort for loading and unloading

• Operators can easily monitor and adjust speed, time, temperature and settings with the digital display

• SMARTSpin technology optimizes parameters by auto-correcting max rotor speed and adapting imbalance sensibility

• Powersave feature provides 15% energy savings compared to standard stand-by power consumption

• Heraeus Multifuge X3, an in-vitro diagnostics device, uses 40% fewer watts per tube

• Units can run deepwell and filter plates at over 6000 xg and 50 ml conical tubes and 94 ml tubes at over 24500 xg

• Superior acceleration and deceleration rates of Multifuge X3 reduces run time and increases throughput

• Security feature includes optional password protection for multi-user or high-security environments

• CFC-free refigerated X3R model ideal for temperature sensitive processes in high-performance applications

• Auto-Lock® III Rotor System allows quick rotor exchange between applications

• ClickSeal® Bucket Sealing System is a safe biocontainment solution

• Fiberlite® carbon fiber rotors are lightweight with a capacity of up to 25000 xg

• X3 memory storage of up to 99 programs including labeling area

• Innovative lid locking technology enables one finger closing and locking

• PULSE key feature allows users to centrifuge a sample for a few seconds

• Accommodates up to 14 x 50 ml conical tubes at over 17000 xg for 133% more capacity than traditional 6-place rotors

• 9-swing out configurations handle up to 28 microplates and up to 750 ml bottles

• Double-temperature management system displays chamber air temperature and sample air temperature

• Temperature Range: -10°C to 40°C; 14°F to 104°F

• Pre-cooling function with direct button

• Floor models come with locking casters for convenient relocation

• Multilingual instructions on programming, run conditions, alerts and service messages are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Dutch


  • Centrifuge, Heraeus Multifuge X3FR (Refrigerated), Floor Standing,120V, 60 Hz, 1950 W
  • Centrifuge, Heraeus Multifuge X3, Ventilated,120V 60Hz, 1400W
  • Centrifuge, Heraeus Multifuge X3R Refrigerated,120V, 60 Hz, 1400w
  • Floor Standing Heraeus Multifuge X3F (Ventilated) Centrifuge Heraeus Multifuge X3F Floor-Standing Ventilated Centrifuge
  • Centrifuge, Heraeus Multifuge X3R Refrigerated Heraeus Multifuge X3R Refrigerated Centrifuge from Thermo Fisher

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Rotor Features and Specifications

More Information

Auto-Lock III Rotor
  • Install and remove rotors in 3-seconds; efficient, flexible and safe
  • Push button feature safely and securely locks rotor in place and shortens run set-up time
  • Eliminates bolting rotor to motorshaft—no need for tools and complicated rotor changing
  • Easily change rotor between protocols for application flexibility
  • Chamber is easy to access and cleans quickly
  • Promotes a healthier working environment and extends life of unit
  • Auto-Lock available with General Purpose and Superspeed Centrifuges.
  • General Purpose: Sorvall™ Legend™ X1/XT/XF, Sorvall ST 16/40, Heraeus Multifuge X1/X3, Heraeus™ Megafuge™ 16/40, SL 16/40
  • Superspeed: Sorvall™ LYNX™ 6000/4000
  • Note: Auto-Lock rotors not interchangeable between superspeed and general purpose benchtop centrifuges
ClickSeal Bucket Sealing System
  • Provides streamlined biocontainment solution Certified by HPA in Porton Down, UK (formerly CAMR)
  • Simple operation eliminates screw caps and clips
  • Glove-and detergent-friendly unit can be opened and closed with right or left hand
  • Broad chemical resistant sealing covers (transparent and biocompatible polyetherimide (PEI)
  • Durable covers have excellent thermal properties and strength
  • SMARTSpin Technology
  • Optimizes safety and improves separations
  • Advanced rotor management maximizes, residual load, acceleration and braking of rotor and bucket options
  • Auto-correct and detection features adapts load imbalances and abnormal vibrations (caused by tube breakage or leaks)
Fiberlite Carbon Fiber Rotors
  • Lightweight corrosion-resistant rotor for faster speeds, increased capacity and high g-force (up to 25,000 xg)
  • Corrosion and fatigue resistant material eliminates safety hazards caused by moisture and laboratory chemicals
  • Lightweight design allows faster acceleration and deceleration rates
  • Enhanced Liquid Containment (ELC) keeps fluids in curved annulus in event of tube or bottle failure
  • Cost efficient single disposable conical tube supports complete workflow
  • Protects from contamination risk and eliminates autoclaving (sample transfers and non-productive tasks)
  • Spins at maximum speeds up to 24,500 xg without tube damage; reduces processing times
  • Flexible; able to process 15 ml conical tubes with available adapters and allows spinning of popular tubes above their rated RCF
  • Ensures samples are kept at a constant temperature during operation
  • Enhances biohazard containment of samples when used with biocontainment rotors certified by HPA, Porton Down, UK (formerly CAMR)
  • Compatible with Thermo Scientific Nalgene bottles and tubes for complete centrifuge solutions
  • Longer lifetime of Fiberlite rotors saves money and eliminates need of equipment disposal
Additional Features
  • Compliance: IVD compliant; IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-020, IEC 61010-2-101; 230V models meet EN 292, EN 61326, EN 55011B, RoHS compliant, WEE compliant
  • Compatible with: 7 fixed-angle rotors, 6 swinging bucket rotors
  • Dataport Kit available # 20190345
  • Required Rotors and Adapters (sold separately)
  • 3-liter
  • 4 x 750 ml (with TX-750 and BIOLiner Swinging-Bucket rotors)
  • 6 x 250 ml (with F14-6x250LE Fixed-Angle rotor)
  • Steel plate housing and rotor chamber
  • Armor steel interior
  • High-impact resistant plastic front panel
  • Stainless steel centrifugation chamber
Max. Speed (rpm)
  • 6000 rpm (with BIOShield 1000A Swinging-Bucket rotor)
  • 15200 rpm (with microvolume Fixed-Angle rotors)
Max. RCF
  • 7164 xg (with BIOShield 1000A Swinging-Bucket rotor)
  • 25314 xg (with 48x2 ml Fixed-Angle rotor)
Max. Timer Range9 hrs., 99 min. plus continuous
Memory99 programs (5 with direct-access key)
Imbalance Detection SystemSMARTSpin
Rotor Locking SystemAuto-Lock III
MotorDirect, brushless induction, low-profile
Pulse (Short) RunYes
Acceleration/Deceleration Rates9/10
Maximum Kinetic Energy< 62.5 kJ
Max Heat dissipation:
  • Ventilated 120V: 4776 BTU/h
  • Ventilated: 230V: 5800 BTU/h
  • Refrigerated: 120V: 4776 BTU/h
  • Refrigerated: 6653: BTU/h
Running TimeUnlimited
Noise Level at Maximum Speed: (Swinging-Bucket Rotor)X3/X3R: < 61/ < 57* (TX-750) X3F/X3FR: < 64/ < 58 (TX-750)
Noise Level at Maximum Speed: F15-8x50 RotorX3/X3R: < 64/ X3F/X3FR: < 55/ < 57*
Permissible Ambient Temperature2°C to 35°C
Pollution Degree2
Over Voltage CategoryII
Other FeaturesCertified ClickSeal biocontainment system, language selection, motorized lid latch, AutoLock III rotor locking, SMARTspin imbalance detection

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  • Thermo Fisher Heraeus Swinging Bucket Centrifuge Rotor
    Heraeus 90° swinging-bucket centrifuge rotor holds standard or deep-well microplates. Comes with two buckets and two adapters; transparent ClickSeal biocontainment covers shown.

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Manuals & Resources

Rotor Features and Specifications

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