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• Megafuge 8 Benchtop Centrifuge is constructed with high quality, chemical-resistant materials; ideal for clinical research and molecular biology applications

• Centrifuge is compatible with select swing-out (max. 4,500 rpm) and fixed-angle rotors (max. 16,000 rpm); requires no tools to change rotors

• Processes 8 x 50 mL conical tubes, 24 x 5/7 mL blood tubes (swinging bucket configuration), microplates and microtubes

• Simple interface and one-touch operation with pre-saved protocols and password

• 3-second push-button Auto-Lock rotor exchange automatically locks rotor to centrifuge spindle

• Automatic SMARTSpin Imbalance Detection System safely disengages spinning

• ClickSeal Bio-containment Lids offer certified sample protection by the Public Health Laboratory Service, Microbiology Services, Proton Down, UK

• Optional indicators at end-of-run, including automatic lid opening, high visibility backlit display, or audible signal

• Direct-drive, brushless induction motor

• Quiet operation (<61 dBA) for a comfortable work environment

• Glove- and detergent-friendly control panel

• Multilingual instructions: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish

• Certifications: UL Listed, CE marked, IVD compliant regarding directive 98/79/EC, if used together with the hematocrit rotor/accessories

• Heraeus Start-Up Kits and Stand-Out Packages include rotors, adapters and other parts for specific research and clinical applications


  • Megafuge, Refrigerated; 8R, 120v, Heraeus
  • Heraeus Megafuge 40 Ventilated Centrifuge Heraeus Megafuge 40 Ventilated Centrifuge
Heraeus Megafuge 40 Ventilated Centrifuge

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Hereaus Megafuge 40 Centrifuge Control Panel

Advanced rotor management maximizes, residual load, acceleration and braking of rotor and bucket options

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Heraeus TX-1000 Swinging-Bucket Rotor with Buckets
    Heraeus Megafuge TX-1000 swinging-bucket rotor: 90° angle. Dual-purpose design from Thermo Fisher accepts adapters for tubes and microplates, or use with bio-bottles as shown. Rotor is corrosion-resistant, with advanced lubricant coating. For Megafuge 40 centrifuge
  • Heraeus TX-1000 Swinging-Bucket Rotor with Bio-Containment Lids
    Heraeus Megafuge TX-1000 swinging-bucket rotor: 90° angle. Dual-purpose design from Thermo Fisher accepts adapters for tubes, microplates or bio-bottles; certified bio-containment lids safely cover samples. For Megafuge 40 centrifuge
  • Hereaus TX-750 90 Swinging-Bucket Rotor
    Heraeus TX-750 is a 90° swinging-bucket rotor from Thermo Fisher with an anti-friction finish. For round or rectangular buckets; use adapters for tubes or microplates. Handles speed to 4700 rpm. For Megafuge 40 and Multifuge x3 centrifuge
  • ClickSeal™ Biocontainment Lids - One of Many Centrifuge Packages
    Heraeus™ Megafuge™ Centrifuges come in many application-specific packages, including this Stand-Out Package including ventilated centrifuge, TX-150 swinging-bucket rotor, four round buckets with bio-containment lids, adapters for 5/7 ml and 10/15 ml blood collection tubes.

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Manuals & Resources

Manuals & Resources

Megafuge 8 Specifications

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