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SmartDoc Gel Imaging System
by Accuris

SmartDoc Gel Imagining System
Money saving system eliminates need for expensive cameras and computers for high quality gel imaging 
SmartDoc Gel Imaging System allows the use of tablets and smart phones to capture high quality images of electrophoresis gels. Simply place the system over your gel and transilluminator, lay your smart phone on the SmartDoc and obtain a high quality image in seconds.
  • Captures images with smart phones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, or Android device)
  • Easily printed or share (digitally) image
  • Adjustable focal distance for optimal focus
  • Accommodates multiple gel sizes and thicknesses
  • Compatible with UV and blue light illuminators (SmartBlue Transilluminator)
  • Preview images on device display before capturing image
  • Replaces expensive cameras and computer with a smart phone or tablet
  • Features Non-slip rubber pad, adjustable focal distance, handles and rubber trim blocks lights and protects illuminator surface
  • Compatible filters: 535 nm (for green dye) and 590 nm (for EtBr)
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty

Ordering Information

SmartDoc Gel Imaging System—with Blue Light Illumination

Accuris Part # Description Cat. # Price
E5000-SD SmartDoc Gel Imaging System BR00-12 $ 467
E5000-SDB SmartDoc Gel Imaging System with Blue Light Illumination BR00-13 $ 552

Accessories SmartDoc Gel Imaging System

Accuris Part # Description Cat. # Price
E5000-MAT UV Blocking Mat BR00-14 $ 33
E5000-535 535 nm Narrow Band Pass Filter Cassette for SmartDoc BR00-15 $ 93
E5000-590 590 nm Narrow Band Pass Filter for SmartDoc BR00-16 $ 93
UV Blocking Mat Band Pass Filter
UV Blocking Mat Narrow Band Pass Filters
Prevents UV light from escaping through the SmartDoc during imaging applications
  • 535 nm filter is optimized for use with gels that utilize a green DNA dye
  • 590 nm filter ideal for imaging gels stained with Ethidium Bromide

SmartDoc Gel Imaging with UV or Blue Light Illuminator

UV Blocking Mat
The SmartDoc Gel #E5000-SD can be used with a UV or blue light transilluminator or ordered model #E5000-SDB equipped with blue light transilluminator.

How UV light and Ethidium Bromide can Damage Lab Samples during Gel Imaging

Problem: Laboratories have traditionally used Ethidium Bromide (EtBr), a known carcinogen and mutagen, to stain DNA agarose gels. EtBr also uses UV to excite stained gels and UV light has been known to cause DNA lesions, which are associated with an increased incidence of cancer. Lab operators exposed to UV through the use of EtBr increase the risk of cancer. 

Solutions: The SmartDoc Gel Imaging System with blue light illumination (E5000-SDB) can safeguard your laboratory's personnel by eliminating the need for EtBr and UV light.

The E5000-SDB uses safe blue light and non-toxic green dyes for gel imaging purposes. 

DNA Ladder
10 kb DNA ladder stained with a green dye and imaged using the E5000-SDB with 535nm filter.
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White Paper (PDF) SmartDoc Gel Imaging System by Accuris
Provides a brief introduction to features and available accessories for the SmartDoc Gel Imaging System by Accuris. Product specifications included.
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