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MultiDoc-It™ Imaging System
by UVP

Choose models with Benchtop UV or FirstLight UV Transilluminator
MultiDoc-It Imaging Systems are available with Benchtop UV or FirstLight UV Transilluminators to serve your specific application requirements. The compact darkroom apparatus design makes it easy to place and remove gels and the included high-resolution digital camera has a 17.9 megapixel.
  • Available with Benchtop UV or FirstLight UV Transilluminator or with UV Lamp; 3-door models available for easy manipulation and transfer of gels
  • Sturdy dark room construction
  • Capture software requires external PC
  • White light option for colorimetric measurements
  • Blue light option for excitation of gels in the 460-470nm range
  • Modular design allows the addition of overhead UV lamps for TLC analysis
  • Software controls the camera functions, image capture and image enhancement
  • Live preview of image for optimization of imaging parameters
  • Software allows generation of reports
  • Options: Converter Plates and Gel-Tools
  • Applications: Colorimetric, fluorescence and Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)
  • Includes the powerful 17.9 megapixel DigiCam 130 color camera, capture software dark room apparatus and transilluminator (on select models)
  • Variety of filter sizes and single or multiple UV wavelengths available
  • One-Year Manufacturer Warranty

MultiDoc-It™ Imaging Systems with Benchtop UV Transilluminators

UVP Part# Description Filter Size (cm) Wavelength (nm) Cat # Price
97-0192-01 MULTIDOC-IT IMAGING W/M-20 20 x 20 302 1016-29 Call TUI
97-0193-01 MULTIDOC-IT IMAGING W/LM-20 20 x 20 302/365 1016-30 Call TUI
97-0194-01 MULTIDOC-IT IMAGING W/M-26 21 x 26 302 1016-31 Call TUI
97-0195-01 MULTIDOC-IT IMAGING W/LM-26 21 x 26 302/365 1016-32 Call TUI
97-0196-01 MULTIDOC-IT IMAGING W/LMS-20 20 x 20 254/302/365 1016-33 Call TUI
97-0197-01 MULTIDOC-IT IMAGING W/LMS-26 21 x 26 254/302/365 1016-34 Call TUI
97-0198-01 MULTIDOC-IT IMAGING W/M-26X 25 x 26 302 1016-35 Call TUI
97-0192-04 MULTIDOC-IT 3 DR IMAGING W/LM-20 20 x 20 302 1016-36 Call TUI
97-0193-04 MULTIDOC-IT 3 DR IMAGING W/M-26 20 x 20 302/365 1016-37 Call TUI
97-0194-04 MULTIDOC-IT 3 DR IMAGING W/LM-26 20 x 20 302/365 1016-38 Call TUI
97-0195-04 MULTIDOC-IT 3 DR IMAGING W/LMS-20 21 x 26 302 1016-39 Call TUI
97-0196-04 MULTIDOC-IT 3 DR IMAGING W/LMS-20 21 x 26 302/365 1016-40 Call TUI
97-0197-04 MULTIDOC-IT 3 DR IMAGING W/LMS-26 20 x 20 254/302/365 1016-41 Call TUI
97-0198-04 MULTIDOC-IT 3 DR IMAGING W/M-26X 21 x 26 254/302/365 1016-42 Call TUI
See available Converter Plates and Gel-Tools 

MultiDoc-It™ Imaging Systems with FirstLight® UV Illuminator

UVP Part# Description Filter Size (cm) Wavelength (nm) Cat # Price
97-0199-01 MULTIDOC-IT IMAGING W/FI-20* 20 x 20 302 1016-43 Call TUI
97-0200-01 MULTIDOC-IT IMAGING W/FI-26* 21 x 26 302 1016-44 Call TUI
97-0201-01 MULTIDOC-IT IMAGING W/FI-26X* 25 x 26 302 1016-45 Call TUI
97-0199-04 MULTIDOC-IT 3 DR IMAGING W/FI-20* 20 x 20 302 1016-46 Call TUI
97-0200-04 MULTIDOC-IT 3 DR IMAGING W/FI-26* 21 x 26 302 1016-47 Call TUI
97-0201-04 MULTIDOC-IT 3 DR IMAGING W/FI-26X* 25 x 26  302 1016-48 Call TUI
See available Converter Plates and Gel-Tools 

MultiDoc-It™ Imaging System with UV Lamps

UVP Part# Description Cat # Price
Does not include Transilluminator
1016-49 Call TUI
See available Converter Plates and Gel-Tools 

Technical Specifications for MultiDoc-It Imaging Systems

Hood Dimensions 14W x 12.7D x 19H in. (356 x 323 x 483mm)
Electrical 115 volts, 60 Hz
Camera DigiCam 130 color
Imaging Resolution 17.9 megapixels
Camera Power Supply DC power
Camera Interface USB
Transilluminator Wavelength (nm) 254, 302, or 365
Transilluminator Filter Size
  • 20 x 20
  • 21 x 26
  • 25 x 26
Emission Filters EtBr Red 570-640nm
Software Requirements Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Gel imaging of stained gels 
  • Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) gel imaging with overhead UV lamps 
  • Add a white light plate for colorimetric imaging 
  • Add a blue light plate for excitation of gels in the 460-470nm range
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Benchtop UV and FirstLight UV Transilluminators for MultiDoc-It

Benchtop UV Transilluminators FirstLight® UV Illuminator
  • Gel Electrophoresis 
  • DNA Fluorescence 
  • Protein Fluorescence 
  • Increased ultraviolet output and intensity 
  • No light flicker 
  • Wider intensity range with variable selection (select models) 
  • Fast lamp start up 
  • Universal power supply 
  • Reduced electrical consumption 
  • Longer tube life 
  • Lighter weight 
  • Improved gel visualization and gel documentation 
  • Selection of 365nm, 302nm and 254nm UV Wavelength 
  • Five filter sizes available 
  • 8-watt models are a low cost alternative to the High Performance UV Transilluminators 
  • Hinged, clear UV blocking cover, included with each transilluminator adjustable for access to the filter surface
  • Electrophoretic separation and quantitation of 1D and 2D protein separations
  • Solid phase immunoassay
  • DNA quantitation
  • RNA quantitation

  • High sensitivity and dynamic range consistent across the illumination surface
  • Software correction of uniformity no longer required
  • Accurate gel to gel comparison
  • Uniformity supplies <5% coefficient of variance (CV) across the full filter area
  • When used with UVP’s BioImaging System and CCD camera, the configurations provide a low cost solution compared to laser scanning
  • Construction design includes an electronic ballast for increased stability and reduced power consumption
  • Compact size
  • Illuminator includes a Gel-Cutter, Focus Target and UV Blocking Cover
  • 302nm UV Wavelength
  • Three filter sizes available

Features and Benefits of MultiDoc-It Gel Imaging System

3-door side access door for easy manipulation and transfer of gels Overhead UV lighting for Thin Layer Chromatography
Software controls camera functions Wide access door

MultiDoc-It Imaging System Converter Plates Converts 302nm UV Wavelength to White or Blue Light

UVP Part# Description Filter Size  UV Wavelength (nm) Sample Applications Cat # Price
38-0191-01 UV to White Light 21x26 cm 302nm to white light Coomassie, Instant Blue, Silver stain 1016-12 Call TUI
38-0191-04 UV to White Light 25x26 cm 302nm to white light 1016-13 Call TUI
38-0200-01 Visi-Blue 21x26 cm UV to 460-470nm GFP, GelGreen and SYBR Green 1016-14 Call TUI
38-0200-04 Visi-Blue 25x26 cm UV to 460-470nm 1016-15 Call TUI
38-0325-01 UV to UV 25x26 cm 302nm UV to 365nm Preparation and Gel Excision 1016-16 Call TUI
UV to White Light Converter Plate views gels stained with Coomassie Blue, True Blue or Silver stain Visi-Blue Converter Plate measures GFP, SYBER Green, and other dyes with an excitation peak within the blue color spectrum
Converter Plates expand the capabilities of MultiDoc-It by converting standard 302 nm UV wavelength to white, blue, or long wavelength UV light.
  • Choose White Light, Visi-Blue and UV to UV converter plates
  • Two filter sizes available
  • Three wavelength filters meet a myriad of applications
  • Scratch-resistant plastic material is mounted in a housing for durability
  • Handles on both sides for easy handling
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Gel Tools for MultiDoc-It Imaging Systems

UVP Part# Description Dimensions Cat # Price
85-0002-01 Gel-Cutter
  • Edge allows for easy gel cutting and removal gel material
20cm L 1016-17 Call TUI
85-0003-01 Gel-Ruler
  • Centimeter markings fluoresce under 365nm and 302nm ultraviolet wavelengths, providing reference marks for DNA analysis
25cm L 1016-18 Call TUI
85-0006-01 Gel-Scooper
  • Made of strong acrylic with a beveled edge
  • Designed for easy transfer of gels from electrophoresis equipment to viewing equipment
5W x 12L in.
(12.7 x 30.5 cm)
1016-19 Call TUI
85-0007-01 Gel-Tray, Small
  • Material: UV transmitting Plexiglas
  • For moving gels to the transilluminator
  • Protects transilluminator filter surface from scratches
  • Side panels on the Gel-Tray, angled at a 45 degree bend, extend upward from the tray surface for easy handling
11.5W x 9D in.
(29 x 23 cm)
1016-20 Call TUI
85-0005-01 Gel-Tray, Large
  • Material: UV transmitting Plexiglas
  • For moving gels to the transilluminator
  • Protects transilluminator filter surface from scratches
  • Side panels on the Gel-Tray, angled at a 45 degree bend, extend upward from the tray surface for easy handling
16.5W x 10.5D in.
(42 x 27 cm)
1016-21 Call TUI
98-0109-01 Gel-Tool Kit
  • Includes: Gel-Cutter, Gel-Ruler, Gel-Scooper, Gel-Tray Faceshield (blocks UV and protect eye and face from ultraviolet sources)
N/A 1016-22 Call TUI
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