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GelMax® Imager
by UVP

Intuitive software allows single-button capture of photos; shown with optional Visi-Blue Plate.
The compact GelMax Imager is an all-in-one system for rapid imaging of precast and mini gels. The software streamlines the gel imaging process and the digital camera generates high-resolution, publication-quality photos with a single mouse click. 
  • Ideal for precast and mini gels up to 11.5 x 16cm 
  • Workflow-based software streamlines generation of quantitative analysis results of nucleic acid or protein gels
  • Available interchangeable plates maximize imaging capabilities 
  • Image Resolution: 17.9 megapixels
  • Features automated pre-set capture buttons or user-defined settings 
  • Options: Visi-Blue™ Sample Plate, White Light Sample Plate, Longwave UV Sample Plate, Digital Thermal Printer
  • Application: DNA/Protein Gels and Precast/Mini Gels
  • Includes Darkroom, 302 nm UV transillumination, epi white light, Black Sample Plate, EtBr filter, Doc-It®LS Acquisition and Analysis Software

GelMax Imager Imaging System

UVP Part#
Cat # Price
97-0672-01 GelMax Imager
Includes: Darkroom, 302 nm UV transillumination, epi white light, Black Sample Plate, EtBr filter, Doc-It®LS Acquisition and Analysis Software
Ethidium Bromide emission filter is included with purchase.
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Video Presentation for GelMax Imager by UVP

Specifications for GelMax Imager

Model 97-0672-01
Dimensions (WxDxH)  12.9 x 13.3 x 19.4 in. (328 x 338 x 493 mm)
Electrical 115 volts, 50/60 Hz
Imaging Resolution
17.9 Megapixels
Camera Color
Epi Lighting Built-in 302 nm UV
Plate size 11.5 x 16 cm
10-minute shutoff timer
Interchangeable Sample Plates (optional) 460-470 nm Visi-Blue 
White Light
365 nm UV
Black (included)
Emission Filter Wheel 5-position tray, rotary-knob controlled; EtBr filter included; additional filters available
Software Acquisition and analysis (compatible with Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista)
Additional Features
  • Compatible with SYBR Green, SYBR Safe and GelGreen, Coomassie Blue, silver stain, EtBr and other commonly used stains
  • Midrange UV light source or optional transillumination for a host of fluorophores: white light, long-range UV or blue light
  • Easily perform image enhancements and 1D analysis with the Doc-ItLS software
  • Intuitive software interface provides single-button capture and quick capture for specific applications
  • Software includes molecular weight standards for simple data analysis
  • Simple calibration with a software library of molecular weight standards
  • Compact footprint
  • High-resolution DigiCam included
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GelMax Imager Options and Accessories

Visi-Blue™ Sample Plate White Light Sample Plate Longwave UV Sample Plate Digital Thermal Printer
UVP Part# Description Cat # Price
38-0381-02 Visi-Blue Sample Plate
Converts 302 nm UV to 460-470 nm for viewing stains such as SYBR Green, SYBR Safe and GelGreen
1016-01 Call TUI
38-0381-03 White Light Sample Plate
Converts 302 nm UV to white light for viewing Coomassie Blue and Silver stained gels
1016-02 Call TUI
38-0381-01 Longwave UV Sample Plate
Converts 302 nm UV to 365 nm UV, which reduces photonicking of samples
1016-03 Call TUI
89-0069-06 Digital thermal printer, Mitsubishi (115V)
  • 256 gray-scale resolution
  • High resolution, archive-quality thermal film prints
  • Compact printer is excellent for limited laboratory bench space
  • Process low-cost prints in seconds
  • Interface:  USB 2.0
  • Print Capacity:  254 prints set at (1280 X 960) page size
  • Print Speed:  1.9 sec
  • Picture Size:  3" X 4" (75 X 100 mm)
  • Power Supply:  100-240V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions (WxDxH):  6.07 X 9.45 X 3.33" (154 X 240 X 84.5 mm)
  • Weight:  5.72 lbs. (2.6 kg)
  • Application: Gel Documentation
  • Options: Standard or high-gloss paper
1016-04 Call TUI
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Software Interface for GelMax Imager

The GelMax has an easy-to-use software interface that features a pre-set, one-touch preview. Capture buttons simplify image acquisition by controlling the camera and lighting settings. For frequently repeated experiments, operators can set and save settings as templates for easy access. The GelMax produces highly quantifiable, publication-ready images that are ready for analysis

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