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ColonyDoc-It™ Imaging Station
by UVP

Quickly counts colonies with easy click
interactive software
The ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station streamlines counting protocols with multiple excitation sources for white light, fluorescent and GFP colonies. The single click software quickly delivers results from time lapse counting, zone sizing and spiral counting. The unit easily and accurately detects colonies with a built-in epi blue light for fluorescence and an optimized GFP filter.
  • Generates fast automatic and accurate colony counting with detailed statistics
  • Visualizes white light and fluorescent colonies
  • Captures colony sizes as small as 0.08mm
  • DigiCam 130 camera
  • 17.9 Megapixels resolution
  • Wide range of emission filters available
  • Plate alcove accommodates pour, spread and spiral plates and filters with sizes from 33mm to 150mm
  • Defines parameters including eight color differentiation, split or merge, filter by group or size
  • Detachable doors creates a darkroom environment when imaging colonies with GFP fluorescence
  • Darkfield, Epi and transillumination white light and Epi blue light fluorescence sources
  • Colony Counter Software included
  • Applications: microbiology, hygiene studies, antibiotic testing, QC and fluid contamination

Ordering Information

ColonyDoc-It Imaging System and Filter

UVP Part# Description Cat # Price
97-0539-01 ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station 1016-27 Call TUI
38-0340-01 Filter, GFP 1016-28 Call TUI
*Contact Terra Universal at 714-578-6016 for pricing and details.

ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station Technical Specifications

Camera  DigiCam 130
Imaging Resolution 17.9 Megapixels
Interface USB
Lighting Epi white, Transillumination white, Epi blue, and Darkfield
Filters allowed 2-positions
Software Requirements Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista (32-bit or 64-bit).
Included Software 
  • Loads onto computer for image capture analysis
  • Controls camera
  • Allows automatic and manual colony counting
  • User-defined counting parameters and color differentiation, splitting or merging colonies, identifying filters by group or size
  • User-created template for configured camera setting and analysis function
  • Generates statistics
  • Displays critical information (colony area, perimeter, average diameter and circularity)
  • Data exports into Excel
  • Product: 13W x 12.5D x 17.5H in. (343 x 318 x 445mm)
  • Shipping: 22.5W x 12.25D x 19.75H in. (572 x 311.2 x 501.2 mm)
  • Weight
  • Product: 20 lbs. (9.07 kg)
  • Shipping: 27 lbs. (12.25 kg)
  • Electrical 115 volts, 60Hz
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    Digital Thermal Printer for ColonyDoc-It Imaging System

    UVP Part# Description Cat # Price
    89-0069-06 Digital thermal printer, Mitsubishi (115V) 1016-04 Call TUI

    Processes low-cost , high-resolution prints in seconds
    • Compatible with BioDoc-It2 and GelMax Imager
    • 256 gray scale resolution
    • High resolution, archive-quality thermal film prints
    • Compact printer is excellent for limited laboratory bench space
    • Process low-cost prints in seconds
    • Interface:  USB 2.0
    • Print Capacity:  254 prints set at (1280 X 960) page size
    • Print Speed:  1.9 sec
    • Picture Size:  3" X 4" (75 X 100 mm)
    • Power Supply:  100-240V AC 50/60 Hz
    • Dimensions (WxDxH):  6.07 X 9.45 X 3.33" (154 X 240 X 84.5 mm)
    • Weight:  5.72 lbs. (2.6 kg)
    • Application: Gel Documentation
    • Options: Standard or high gloss paper

    Excitation Sources Streamlines by ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station

    Epi White GFP Epi Blue
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