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PCR Tubes and Strips
by MTC Bio

Ideal for use in PCR applications
Designed for oil-free operation and improved viewing of contents, MTC Bio PCR Tubes and Strips are constructed with an ultra-thin polypropylene wall material that provides excellent high thermal transfer rates for PCR applications.
  • Available in strips or single tubes
  • Choice of dome or flat-topped attached hinged lids for use with heated lid thermocyclers 
  • Provides Oil-free reactions
  • Superior quality grade polypropylene
  • Ultra-thin design for extremely efficient heat transfer
  • Ultra-clear polypropylene allows easy contents viewing
  • Caps contain an integral shield preventing contamination with surface of lid
  • Attached hinged lids for positive sealing during thermal cycling
  • Significantly reduces PCR reaction times
  • Frosted writing surface for sample identification

Polypropylene PCR Tubes and Strips for Oil-Free Reactions

MTC Bio Part # Description Quantity Cat # Price
P3020 PCR strips of 8 tubes with dome caps, packaged separately 125 5705-22 $ 42
P3030 PCR tubes, individual, 0.2mL flat cap 1000 5705-23 $ 21
P3040 PCR tubes, individual, 0.2mL dome cap 1000 5705-24 $ 21
R1010 Box Rack with lid for 96 x 0.2mL (tubes, strips or plate), orange 5 5705-25 $ 16

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