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Altus® UPLC Liquid Chromatography System
by PerkinElmer

The Altus UPLC system meets the purity and safety challenges posed by increasingly complex samples in food, environmental, industrial and chemical research industries. With a throughput of up to nine times that of conventional UPLC systems, the ultra-performance Altus UPLC is a cost-efficient solution for labs performing purification and detection of highly complex samples from setup to data analysis. The Altus combines sub-2-micron liquid chromatography particle size with advanced fluidics to deliver unparalleled results at high pressures.

Altus UPLC Perkin Elmer
#5103-34 High-throughput and

  • Five detection modes: UV, Refractive Index, Photodiode Array, Multifluorescence, and Single Quadrupole mass detection
  • Excellent performance at high pressure with advanced fluidics and sub-2µm particle columns
  • Multi-solvent blending for creating quaternary gradients
  • Direct inject sampling tightly seals the needle, even in high pressure for the highest sample recovery
  • Increases efficiency with automated and customizable workflows and high-powered data analysis software
  • Easily transfer methods from one instrument to the Altus UPLC via comparable columns 
  • Meets FSA, EFSA and FSMA requirements 
  • Features Empower® 3 CDS: new method development, PDA and MS data extraction, customize reports, data management, and email notifications of results 
  • SmartStart® technology automatically manages gradient start time and pre-injection steps serially to minimize cycle times
  • AutoBlend™ technology reduces prep time with automated blending of mobile phases solutions from pure solvents or stock solutions
  • Contact at 714-578-6016 for pricing, or click on the blue bar at the bottom of the page and chat with a Product Specialist

Ordering Information

Altus UPLC for Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography 

PerkinElmer Part # Description Cat. # Price
N2971031 Altus™ UPLC System 5103-34 Call TUI
Additional Features and Benefits:
  • Empower® 3 CDS features the industry leading ApexTrack™ peak detection algorithm
  • Software allows cross-platform data integration for the most precise analysis possible
  • Built-in method development, validation software and single window operation makes this instrument ideal for novice users
  • Fully stackable column modules for automated column switching
  • Allows user specification of pH and ionic strengths; automatically utilizes quaternary blending to meet these requirements
  • Column preheaters ensure consistent thermal performance
  • Column temperature range from 4°C to 90°C (39°F to 194°F)
  • See Altus UPLC Detection Modes, Empower 3 Chromatography Data Software, and Industry Applications

UPLC Columns with Automated Identification and Tracking for Altus UPLC System

UPLC Column
Wide range of column configurations to choose from
Altus UPLC columns are offered in a range of configurations to best suit your specific application and to leverage the analytical and productivity gains provided by sub-2-µm particles. Columns feature a novel integrated serialization device for tracking serial number, column manufacturing summary and column usage history. Empower 3 CDS reads and records data for traceability.

Choose from:
  • Ethylene Bridged Hybrid (BEH)
  • Charged Surface Hybrid (CSH™)
  • High-Strength Silica (HSS)
Contact for pricing and details
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Altus™ UPLC Detection Modes

The Altus UPLC system offers five distinct detection modes for maximum usability and flexibility. Detection systems are interchangeable for the most comprehensive and reproducible data sets possible.
Detection System
Five detection modes deliver outstanding sensitivity and linearity
Chromatographic Overlay
Chromatographic overlay of -10 gradient runs of a 19 PAH standard mixture shows excellent flow rate and injection precision
Altus Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry (SQ MS) Detection System
Single Quadrupole Mass Detection is a reliable and robust downstream detection method for UPLC platforms. Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry analysis provides extra dimensions of data that are not available with other techniques. In addition, the Altus SQ detection system can be fully integrated with the Empower 3 software for streamlined workflow and increased efficiency.

Altus A-10 UV/Vis Detection System
The UV/Visible light detection system offers the most versatile and sensitive wavelength detector for HPLC eluate analysis. This detection system features a dual-wavelength absorbance detector, for detecting low-level impurities in the same run as the compound of interest.

Altus ULPC Multifluorescence Detection System
The multifluorescence detection system is an ideal solution for environmentally monitoring applications. This unit is able to detect compounds with intrinsic fluorescence properties or derivatized compounds. Key features of this method are the high degree of selectivity and sensitivity for measure compounds found in extremely low concentrations, such as pollutants.

Photodiode Array (PDA) Detection System
When your application calls for rapid analysis and accurate results, a PDA detection system provides rapid and reproducible analysis of eluates across a wide wavelength range. This ultra-fast and low noise approach is an excellent choice where multiple elution profiles need to be analyzed in a single sample run. This system can also utilize spectral libraries for molecular predictions based on peak profiles. 

Refractive Index Detection System
A refractive index detection system is the ideal solution when your analyte of interest has very little or no UV absorption properties. One salient and extremely useful application is the detection and quantification of food sugars for nutritional labeling.

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Altus UPLC Empower® 3 Chromatography Data Software (CDS)

The Empower® 3 CDS is a comprehensive software program that allows you to manage data generated from your UPLC system.

The single-windowed Empower® 3 QuickStart™ interface is geared for users of all levels. New users will easily begin productivity with the software's easy set up. Advanced operators will find that the software offers extremely powerful tools for method development and validation. Users are able to run mission-specific applications, which include integrated chemical structures and polymer analysis. The ApexTrack™ peak detection algorithm easily defines poorly resolved or low-level peaks, even with noisy or sloping baselines. This software controls HPLC, UPLC, IC, GC, CE and a host of other instruments.
Empower 3 Software
Comprehensive data software for easy method transfer
Mass Detection Platform
Empower 3 software also controls the Altus SQ detector for Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry
QuickStart interface capabilities:
  • Instrument control and data acquisition
  • Peak detection (including the ApexTrack™ peak detection algorithm for consistent results)
  • Quantitation
  • GPC processing and calculations
  • Data review
  • Data searching
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Custom reporting
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Industry Applications for the Altus™ UPLC System

Various industries use high purity liquid chromatography (HPLC) as an intermediate process to separate a complex mixture into less complex samples based on a particular chemical property (e.g. size or charge). For high-throughput labs, UPLC systems can help streamline the process of making samples more manageable for downstream analysis. Emerging technology in various industries is creating more complex samples. Guidelines and regulations are also becoming more stringent and labs must keep up with these changes to satisfy their compliance. Quality Control laboratories in food, industrial and chemical industries will operate UPLC systems to assess the purity of their end product and detect contaminants.

Food, Beverage and Nutraceuticals
Cereal The recent passage of the Food Standardization Monitoring Act warrants sweeping reforms to food safety standards. The Altus™ UPLC system along with the Waters® Empower® 3 software allows laboratories in the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries to easily meet increasingly stringent FDA, EFSA and FSMA requirements and standards. Utilizing this state-of-the-art system, companies can ensure that they are producing the most genuine and unadulterated products possible to their customers. 
Environmental Monitoring
Kid Washing Their Face Environmental laboratories work with UPLC systems to detect the presence of trace amounts of pollutants in water and other complex samples. These samples are often complex and extremely heterogeneous, which can complicate analysis of individual constituents of a sample. Biochemistry and Proteomics labs will use this device to fractionate samples from cells and tissues to obtain a desired protein from a complex mixture.

In addition, many pollutants are found in extremely low concentrations relative to other samples. The ApexTrack™ peak detection algorithm simplifies analysis of low level and noisy peaks. A curvature approach is employed to offer vastly superior sensitivity compared to traditional integration methods.
Industrial and Chemical Industries
Purple Cylinders Advanced materials and chemical research and manufacturing processes require tight control of quality standards to ensure product safety and manufacturing productivity. The Altus™ UPLC system with its improved chromatographic throughput and reduced solvent consumption provides integrated workflow solutions. Efficient data processing throughput increases efficiency and productivity, while reducing operating costs.
Call at 714-578-6016 or click on the blue bar at the bottom of the page and speak to a Product Expert.
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