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Screw Cap Microtubes
by MTC Bio

Designed to withstand high centrifugal forces, MTC Bio Screw Cap Microtubes are ideal for use with mini and benchtop centrifuges in a variety of biological applications.

These 1.5 mL sample volume microtubes are available in blue and green (attached looped cap) screw caps. The screw cap design prevents cross-contamination.
  • 1.5mL sample volume
  • Includes loose packed or attached screw cap
  • Withstands high centrifugal forces

1.5 mL Screw Cap Microtubes with Attached Caps and Loop Screw Caps– Quantity 500

MTC Bio Part # Description Volume Cap type Qty. Cat # Price
C2210 ScruTop™ tube with attached caps, screw caps packed separately, 1.5mL Screw/Blue 500 5705-04 Call TUI
C2220 ScruTop™ tube with attached caps, loop screw caps packed separately, 1.5mL Loop Screw/Green 500 5705-05 Call TUI

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