• Compatible with U, V, C, and flat bottom 96 well microplates
  • Precision control of aspiration needle position
  • Program parameters such as shake cycles and speed using LCD display and keypad
  • Customize or store up to 100 wash protocols or transfer via flash drive
  • Bottles have sensors to alert user when solutions are low or need to be emptied
  • Wash Volume:50-2000µl, in 50µl increments
  • Data Connection: USB for flash drive
  • Auto-rinse function
  • Specify plug type when ordering available in UK, EU, US, or AU type
  • Washer comes equipped with 2 wash bottles, 1 rinse bottle, and 1 waste bottle
  • Transparent acrylic shield that surrounds wash area prevents cross-contamination
  • Programmable dispense volume, suction time, soak and shake cycles and shaking speed


Type: Plate Washer

Application: ELISA

Brand: SmartWasher™ 96

Plate Configuration: 96 Well

Reader Mode: Multimode

Wash Volume: 50-2000 µl

Manufactured by: Accuris

Manufacturer SKU: MW9600-E

Unit of Measure: EA


Electrical Specifications: 230 V, 60 Hz

Weight, Product: 26.4 lb

Dimensions, Product: 13.6" W x 18.11" D x 7.87" H

Features and Benefits

SmartWasher™96 LCD Display by Accuris Instruments

4.3” LCD display and keypad program all parameters including shaking speed and shake cycles for SmartWasher™96

SmartWasher™96 by Accuris Instruments

Auto-rinse function cleans ELISA assys and eliminates cross contamination for SmartWasher™96.

Popular Accessories

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  • SmartWasher™96 by Accuris Instruments
    8-channel wash head is programmable for numerous plates and strips with precision control.
  • SmartWasher™96 by Accuris Instruments
    12-channel wash head uses protocols stored on board the SmartWasher™96
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