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Voltage Material Capacity Temperature Range Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
120 VStainless Steel2 cu. ft.Ambient +5 °C to 100 °C9010-0324 $1,5305-7 Days
120 VStainless Steel4 cu. ft.Ambient +5 °C to 100 °C9010-0326 $2,0585-7 Days
120 VStainless Steel8.9 cu. ft.Ambient +5 °C to 100 °C9010-0330 $3,4875-7 Days
120 VStainless Steel26 cu. ft.Ambient +5 °C to 100 °C9010-0332 $6,7805-7 Days


  • BD Avantgarde.Line incubators provide excellent temporal and spatial temperature accuracy
  • High process reliability and a 100 °C disinfection routine
  • Stackable models: BD 56 and BD 115
  • Includes chrome-plated racks on models BD 56, BD 115, BD 260 and BD 270
  • Material: stainless steel interior and exterior with tempered safety glass inner door
  • High temperature accuracy via APT.line™ technology
  • Features: Gravity convection, controller with LCD display, ergonomic handle design, USB port for recording data, electromechanical control of exhaust air flap
  • Class 3.1 integrated independent temperature safety device (DIN 12880) with visual alarm
  • Options: access port with silicone plug, alarm function for overheating, analog output 4-20mA, calibration certificates (temperature, expanded), clock, data logger kit, data logger software, door lock, interior socket, pH-neutral detergent, Pt-100 temperature sensor, qualification documents, additional racks (chrome-plated or stainless steel) perforated shelves, castors


  • Binder CB Series CO2 Incubators

Features and Benefits

Energy Efficient Models

Low heat dissipation and an optimized heating system deliver an energy efficient unit with low installation requirements

Data Logging

Included USB connector provides easy data logging and data management

Intuitive Controller

User-friendly alphanumeric display and functions offer convenient and reliable interface
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