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Voltage Capacity Temperature Range Sensor Type Manufacturer SKU PriceUsually Ships inStocked
10/120 V 1.9 cu. ft. +7°C to 60°C Infrared (IR) 9040-0089 $7,0705-7 Days
10/120 V 6.0 cu. ft. +6°C above Ambient to +50°C Infrared (IR) 9040-0190 $5,2815-7 Days
10/120 V 6.0 cu. ft. Ambient + 4°C to 60°C Infrared (IR) 9040-0139 $9,1245-7 Days
10/120 V 9.4 cu. ft. +6°C above Ambient to +50°C Infrared (IR) 9040-0192 $7,9635-7 Days
10/120 V 9.4 cu. ft. Ambient + 4°C to 60°C Infrared (IR) 9040-0152 $12,6925-7 Days


• CB models with hot air sterilization and heat sterilizable CO2 sensor for sensitive and complex incubation

• CB-S Solid Line models with hot air sterilization ideal for routine cell cultivation

• Provides optimum cell growth and minimizes risk of contamination

• Delivers homogenous CO2 distribution

• Models include perforated stainless steel shelves

• CB temperature range: from 4 °C above ambient temperature up to 60 °C

• CB-S Solid.Line temperature range: +6 °C above ambient temperature to +50 °C

• Humidification system: double water pan (CB), water pan (CB-S)

• Controller: LCD color (CB), LCD (CB-S)

Features of CB and CB-S models: hot-air sterilization minimizes risk of contamination; stable pH values with drift-free CO2 IR sensor technology, 90 to 95% RH humidity range; CO₂ gas-mixing jet with Venturi effect; internal data recording via USB interface; seamless stainless steel interior; LCD display

Options for CB-S models: Lockable door handle, electric access port, interior socket, CO2 control range

Options for all models: Access port with silicone plug, Analog output 4-20 mA, Calibration certification (temperature, expanded, temperature and CO2), quick sample access (CB models)


  • Binder CB Series CO2 Incubators

Features and Benefits

Seamless Stainless Steel Interior

Easy-to-clean inner chamber with a seamless stainless steel interior helps mitigate cross-contamination

CO2 Automatic Diagnosis

CB models feature a fail-safe CO2 automatic diagnostic system to protect the pH of cell culture

Optional Active Humidification

CB models with active humidification provide high humidity values from 90% to 95% RH while minimizing evaporation
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