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Voltage Weighing Capacity Readability Balance Type Pan Size Draft Shield Type Manufacturer SKU CalibrationPriceUsually Ships inStocked
100/240 V60 g0.1 mgAnalytical90 mmGlassBCA64-1SExternal $3,2874-6 Days
100/240 V60 g0.1 mgAnalytical90 mmGlassBCA64I-1SInternal $3,6144-6 Days
100/240 V120 g0.1 mgAnalytical90 mmGlassBCA124-1SExternal $3,6144-6 Days
100/240 V120 g0.1 mgAnalytical90 mmGlassBCA124I-1SInternal $3,9474-6 Days
100/240 V220 g0.1 mgAnalytical90 mmGlassBCA224-1SExternal $4,0534-6 Days
100/240 V220 g0.1 mgAnalytical90 mmGlassBCA224I-1SInternal $4,3814-6 Days
100/240 V320 g0.1 mgAnalytical90 mmGlassBCA324I-1SInternal $4,8174-6 Days


  • Features real-time level support, integrated protection, CalAuditTrail and 13 built-in applications
  • Includes removable manual draft shield with side sliding doors
  • Select models with internal (isoCAL) or external adjustment
  • Enables connection to multiple devices, data transfer, customized printout with up to six identifiers
  • Weighing range: 60g to 12,200 g
  • Readability range:0.1 mg to 1 g
  • Chemical resistant stainless steel, polybutylene terephthalate and glass parts
  • Advanced BCA Features: graphic touchscreen display, built-in real time leveling support with alerts and interactive user guidance, integrated protection system with three configurable levels ensures validity of data when transferred to external devices, CalAuditTrail provides automated documentation, easily connects to multiple external devices, Pipette Smart Test integrated  application and 13 built-in application programs
  • IsoCAL Internal Calibration and Adjustment: automated temperature and time-controller calibration and adjustment for optimum accuracy and self-notification calibration feature assures compliant operation
  • External Calibration and Adjustment with pre-defined values and calibration weight selector
  • Features: password protection, intuitive interface, plug-and-play feature automatically detects Sartorius accessories and quickly connects to a PC, adapts to ambient conditions and adjustable manual leveling feet
  • Connectivity: USB, RS232
  • Built-in Applications: weighing/dosing, counting, percentage weighing, mixing (net total), components, animal weighing, calculation, density, statistics, peakhold, check weighing, mass unit conversion, underfloor weighing for bigger samples
  • GLP| GMP compliant printout and data output
  • Available accessories: printers (YDO40 and YDP30), calibration weights, density determination kit, ionizing tool

Features and Benefits

Simplifies Leveling

Interactive user guidance and Real-Time Level Support provide continuous monitoring of balance level and offer alarm messaging

Continuous Documentation

CalAuditTrail feature provides automatic documentation of calibration, leveling, process, date and time stamp

Pipette SmartTest

Easily validates weight of solution dialed into the pipette

Connect to External Devices

Entris II BCA models with a USP Type C interface enables connection to multiple external devices for easy data transfer

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