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Polymer800 lbs24"18"GridMX1824G $1094-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs30"18"GridMX1830G $1134-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs36"18"GridMX1836G $1134-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs42"18"GridMX1842G $1354-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs48"18"GridMX1848G $1354-6 Days Stocked
Polymer600 lbs54"18"GridMX1854G $1614-6 Days Stocked
Polymer600 lbs60"18"GridMX1860G $1614-6 Days Stocked
Polymer600 lbs72"18"GridMX1872G $1864-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs24"24"GridMX2424G $1344-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs30"24"GridMX2430G $1364-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs36"24"GridMX2436G $1364-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs42"24"GridMX2442G $1674-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs48"24"GridMX2448G $1674-6 Days Stocked
Polymer600 lbs54"24"GridMX2454G $1964-6 Days Stocked
Polymer600 lbs60"24"GridMX2460G $1964-6 Days Stocked
Polymer600 lbs72"24"GridMX2472G $2304-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs24"18"SolidMX1824F $1244-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs30"18"SolidMX1830F $1284-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs36"18"SolidMX1836F $1284-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs42"18"SolidMX1842F $1534-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs48"18"SolidMX1848F $1534-6 Days Stocked
Polymer600 lbs54"18"SolidMX1854F $1824-6 Days Stocked
Polymer600 lbs60"18"SolidMX1860F $1824-6 Days Stocked
Polymer600 lbs72"18"SolidMX1872F $2124-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs24"24"SolidMX2424F $1524-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs30"24"SolidMX2430F $1544-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs36"24"SolidMX2436F $1544-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs42"24"SolidMX2442F $1894-6 Days Stocked
Polymer800 lbs48"24"SolidMX2448F $1894-6 Days Stocked
Polymer600 lbs54"24"SolidMX2454F $2214-6 Days Stocked
Polymer600 lbs60"24"SolidMX2460F $2214-6 Days Stocked
Polymer600 lbs72"24"SolidMX2472F $2604-6 Days Stocked
Polymer1200 lbs36"24"GridMHP2436G $1504-6 Days Stocked
Polymer1200 lbs48"24"GridMHP2448G $1794-6 Days Stocked
Polymer900 lbs60"24"GridMHP2460G $2144-6 Days Stocked


  • Shelves are priced and sold separately

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Terra is committed to ensuring that our customer’s personal information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, Terra has developed procedures to safeguard and secure information collected online and offline.

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Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • InterMetro Super Erecta 4 Inch Solid Shelf Ledge
    Stainless Steel and Chrome-Plated Shelf Ledges for solid and wire shelves. These mobile utility carts include stem casters and feature an ergonomic handle bar.
  • InterMetro Super Erecta Stem Caster
    These casters for mobile and utility carts feature smooth-profile designs to enhance cleanliness, non-marking materials to protect cleanroom floors, and durable construction to ensure a long service life.
  • High Modular Stem Caster
    Stem caster for Super Erecta Shelving System
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