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Eaglegard14"MobileCP14-E $177-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard14"StationaryP14-E $177-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard18"MobileCP18-E $227-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard18"StationaryP18-E $227-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard33"MobileCP33-E $237-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard33"StationaryP33-E $237-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard86"MobileCP86-E $347-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel14"StationaryP14-C $157-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel18"StationaryP18-C $177-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel33"StationaryP33-C $167-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel54"StationaryP54-C $217-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel63"StationaryP63-C $227-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel74"StationaryP74-C $267-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel86"StationaryP86-C $307-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel14"StationaryP14-S $327-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel18"StationaryP18-S $467-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel33"StationaryP33-S $547-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel54"StationaryP54-S $607-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel63"StationaryP63-S $657-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel74"StationaryP74-S $737-9 Days Stocked
304 Stainless Steel86"StationaryP86-S $857-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel14"MobileCP14-C $157-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel18"MobileCP18-C $177-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel33"MobileCP33-C $167-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel54"MobileCP54-C $237-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel63"MobileCP63-C $227-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel74"MobileCP74-C $267-9 Days Stocked
Chrome-Plated Steel86"MobileCP86-C $307-9 Days Stocked
304 Stainless Steel14"MobileCP14-S $327-9 Days Stocked
304 Stainless Steel18"MobileCP18-S $467-9 Days Stocked
304 Stainless Steel33"MobileCP33-S $547-9 Days Stocked
304 Stainless Steel54"MobileCP54-S $607-9 Days Stocked
304 Stainless Steel63"MobileCP63-S $567-9 Days Stocked
304 Stainless Steel74"MobileCP74-S $657-9 Days Stocked
304 Stainless Steel86"MobileCP86-S $777-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard54"StationaryP54-E $247-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard63"StationaryP63-E $297-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard74"StationaryP74-E $307-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard86"StationaryP86-E $347-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard54"MobileCP54-E $247-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard63"MobileCP63-E $297-9 Days Stocked
Eaglegard74"MobileCP74-E $307-9 Days Stocked


  • Modular system, purchase each component separately
  • Numbered on vertical 1" increments to help ensure fast and level assembly
  • Order shelves separately

Features & Benefits

Long-Standing Industry Experience

For 45 years, Terra has served the life science, academic research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, semiconductor and aerospace markets

Top-Tier Clients

Terra’s key customers include some of the largest research labs, production facilities and universities in the world

Global Customer Base

At Terra, we are committed to providing top-tier equipment to customers throughout the world. Over the past 5 years, clients in over 100 countries have purchased equipment from Terra.

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Eagle Shelf Ledges
    Sturdy ledge fits on shelf to prevent parts from protruding or falling
  • Eagle Stem Casters
    Polymer and polyurethane casters with optional breaks transform your shelving system into a mobile unit.
  • Aluminum Split Sleeves
    Attach split sleeves to post to ensure that entire shelving system is grounded.
  • Triangular Foot Plate
    Used to bolt shelf unit to floor or to offer additional stability.
  • Eagle Shelving System Glides
    Glides protect floor from abrasion
  • Plastic Split Sleeves for Cleanroom Shelves; Set of 4
    Split-sleeves attach shelf to post
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