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Controls Capacity Maximum Speed Maximum Viscosity Reversible Stirring Wireless Controller Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
Digital15 L2000 rpm10000 mPasNoNo4442001 $1,2145-7 Days Stocked


• For, low-volume laboratory stirring

• Quantity capacity: 15 L (H20)

• Adjustable speed

• Compact and affordable overhead stirrer

• Automatic cut-off in the event of overload

• For basic, low-volume laboratory stirring operations

• Max viscosity of 10,000 mPas

• 30-2,000 RPMs

• Digital speed display for easy operation

• Push-through agitator shafts

• Slim casing and quiet operation


Shaft Length: [xxx] mm

Immersion Depth: [xxx] mm


Electrical Specifications: 408 V

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