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Freezer Temperature RangePriceUsually Ships inStocked
-10°C to -40°C $5,99210-16 Days
-50°C to -86°C $9,17710-16 Days
-10°C to -40°C $7,87810-20 Days
-50°C to -86°C $11,47010-20 Days
-10°C to -40°C $8,98610-20 Days
-50°C to -86°C $12,33110-20 Days
-50°C to -86°C $12,33110-20 Days
-10°C to -40°C $9,10310-20 Days
-50°C to -86°C $14,43510-20 Days


• Revco CFX Series Ultra-Low Temperature Lab Chest Freezers are designed to provide versatile and reliable sample storage

• Heavy gauge, cold-rolled steel exterior construction with a powder coat paint finish that resists chipping and rust

• Heavy duty casters with locking tandem wheel design for smooth mobility

• An intuitive microprocessor control panel allows operators to see set points, system status and alarm messages

• Message center: LED displays setpoints, system status and alarm messages

• Models feature an easy-to-remove, washable air filter that protects the condenser from dust, reducing the risk of refrigeration malfunction or risk to samples being compromised

• Convenient interior covers minimize sample exposure to outside conditions while inner sub-lids protect bulk samples from ambient exposure during single sample retrievals

• An ergonomic lockable door protects samples and a variety of sizes and temperature ranges are available to accommodate most application requirements

• Rack solutions are available for all CxF models

• Eye-level, easy-to-use microprocessor control panel

• Access code to ensure setpoint security

• 5 n. (127mm) foamed-in-place, polyurethane insulation

• Easy-to-remove air filter

• Ergonomic, lockable door handle

• RS-232 and 4-20 milliamp analog outputs for independent monitoring devices and recorders

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