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Capacity Sterilization Time Plug Type Voltage Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
8 L5 sUS Plug115 VB4000-M $3,2805-7 Days Stocked
8 L5 sEU Plug230 VB4000-M-E $3,2805-7 Days Stocked
16 L5 sUS Plug115 VB4000-16 $4,5005-7 Days Stocked
16 L5 sEU Plug230 VB4000-16-E $4,5005-7 Days Stocked


• Compact sterilizing systems with stainless steel interior chamber
Mechanical and electrical safety interlock that prevents the door from being opened until the pressure has reached zero PSI

• Built-in water tank; no external source required

• BioClave Mini is preprogrammed with a fixed sterilization time and choice of two temperatures: 121°C or 134°C

• BioClave 16 offers fully adjustable sterilization and drying times, as well as three preset cycle options

• Fully automatic - runs with the push of a button, with user-friendly large digital display

• Ideal for quickly and completely sterilizing a wide spectrum of laboratory tools

• Built-in water tank eliminates the need for an external water supply, simplifying set up and operation

• Electrical safety interlock prevents door from opening until chamber has reached zero PSI

• An optional thermal mini-printer records sterilization parameters (compatible with BioClave 16 only)

• Max Internal Pressure: 29 psi (2 bar)

• CE-marked models available

• Cord and plug are included

Features and Benefits

Benchmark Scientific Mini Autoclave

BioClave 16 and BioClave Mini autoclaves accommodate a variety of liquids, media, instruments, glassware, and other common laboratory equipment

Benchmark BioClave Chamber Sizes Diagram

Benchmark BioClave Mini and BioClave 16 autoclaves accommodate liquids, media, instruments, and glassware. No external water supply required.

Popular Accessories

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  • Thermal Mini-Printer Records Sterilization Parameters
    BioClave 16 Autoclaves available with an optional Thermal Mini-Printer by Benchmark Scientific for recording of sterilization parameters
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