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Weighing Capacity Readability Balance Type Pan Size Voltage Micro or Ionizing Draft Shield Manufacturer SKU PriceUsually Ships inStocked
120 g 0.1 mg Analytical 90 mm 120/240 V Micro ENTRIS124-1SUS $1,4855-7 Days Stocked
60 g 0.1 mg Analytical 90 mm 120/240 V Micro ENTRIS64-1SUS $1,1845-7 Days Stocked
220 g 0.1 mg Analytical 90 mm 120/240 V Micro ENTRIS224-1SUS $1,5755-7 Days Stocked


• Economical Entris Analytical Balances have built-in features ideal for routine laboratory weighing applications

• User-friendly interface, an easy-to read display and logical key assignments for error-free application

• Units deliver reliable and effective results with just the right integrated applications to suit daily processes

• Monolithic weigh cell for long-term high measurement accuracy

• Weighing capacities from 60 g to 220 g

• Readability: 0.1 mg

• Calibration: External

• CSA Compliant (select models)

• Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty


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