• 30 µg per tube (packed under nitrogen and provided dry)

• Pooled reference mRNA used for multicolor hybridization experiments; signal generated eases normalization process in intensity-based and reference-channel-based normalization

• Reduces inter and intra-laboratory variations of microarray data

• Proprietary mix of amplified high-quality mRNA purified from diverse set of human, mouse or rat tissues

• Provides common denominator for accurate and reproducible comparison of gene expression data

• For use as universal source of human mRNA in microarray hybridization experiments, human libraries and life science applications

• Purified, quantified and packed under nitrogen

• Provides broader gene representation over competing products

• Guaranteed high purity mRNA, free of contamination

• Bulk production minimizes lot to lot variation

• Highly useful for any DNA based array, microarray or PCR platform

• Store at –80° C stable for 6 months


Weight, Product: 2 lb

Weight, Shipping: 4 lb

Package Type: Box

Unit of Measure: EA

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