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  1. 4 2 mL Vial Capacity1 Design1 Material4 Liquid Nitrogen Capacity1 Model4 Manufacturer SKU

    • TW LABS LN2 storage in either liquid or vapor phase with state-of-the-art design for biobanking
    • Single pivot point aluminum turntable for smooth rotation and ergonomic use
    • High efficiency cryogenic system with very low LN2 consumption
    • Provides overall sample viability by maintaining near LN2 temperatures at top of inventory storage system
    • Includes a mechanical step-lock with a slip-resistant surface and Flexible Fill Hose with 1.27 cm I.D. includes dual swivel connectors and a 3/8” male NPT adapter
    2 mL Vial Capacity: 19500, 41600, 79300, 37700
    Design: Free Standing
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 371 L, 698 L, 1269 L, 623 L
    Model: LABS
    Manufacturer SKU: LABS20K-CS, LABS40K-CS, LABS80K-CS, LABS38K-CS
  2. 4 2 mL Vial Capacity2 Material5 Static Hold Time4 Digital Control4 Liquid Nitrogen Capacity1 Model11 Manufacturer SKU

    • K Series Cryogenic Freezers provide efficient vapor or liquid LN2 phase storage
    • CS100 or CS200 controllers with built-in alarms included on select models
    • 2 ml vial storage capacity from 3024 to 38,350
    • Includes shelves (except for 3K models)
    • Features superior vacuum performance, intuitive touch controls, caster mounted, modular design
    2 mL Vial Capacity: 3024, 10400, 24050, 38350
    Material: Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel
    Static Hold Time: 19 days, 33 days, 52 days, 74 days, 73 days
    Digital Control: None, CS100, CS200, CS200 with Gas ByPass
    Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 48 L, 165 L, 365 L, 590 L
    Model: K Series
    Manufacturer SKU: 3KPBL, 3KSBL, 10K, 24K, 38K, 10K-CS100, 10K-CS200, 24K-CS100, 24K-CS200, 38K-CS200, 38K-CS200-GBP
  3. 4 2 mL Vial Capacity1 Design1 Material4 Static Hold Time4 Liquid Nitrogen Capacity1 Low Liquid Nitrogen Alarm1 Model4 Manufacturer SKU

    • LN2 liquid or vapor vial storage in box-type racks
    • Material: durable aluminum body and magneformed necktube; lockable lids
    • Vapor-phase storage temperature:-190°C at the top of racks
    • Includes racks and shelves; requires polycarb, cardboard cell boxes
    • Select models include a CS100 controller
    2 mL Vial Capacity: 750, 3000, 4800, 6000
    Design: Free Standing
    Material: Aluminum
    Static Hold Time: 130 days, 106 days, 153 days, 194 days
    Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 35 L, 81 L, 130 L, 165 L
    Low Liquid Nitrogen Alarm: Optional
    Model: LS Series
    Manufacturer SKU: LS750B-R, LS3000, LS4800, LS6000
  4. 5 2 mL Vial Capacity1 Material5 Static Hold Time5 Liquid Nitrogen Capacity2 Low Liquid Nitrogen Alarm1 Model7 Manufacturer SKU2 Storage Application

    • High-capacity HC Series Cryogenic Small Freezers store samples in large quantities
    • Models include stainless steel canisters
    • Rugged construction with ribbed high-strength aluminum body, magneformed necktube design, and durable paint
    • Numbered index ring and tapered internal canister locator
    • Superior vacuum performance and insulation for maximum holding times
    2 mL Vial Capacity: N/A, 684, 1020, 1260, 1140
    Material: Aluminum
    Static Hold Time: 60 days, 87 days, 200 days, 130 days, 120 days
    Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 12 L, 20 L, 34 L, 35 L, 38 L
    Low Liquid Nitrogen Alarm: No, Optional
    Model: HC Series
    Manufacturer SKU: 12HCLB-6, 20HCB-11M, 34HCB-11M, 35VHCB-11M, 38HCB-11M, WD38-11M, 38VHCB-11M
    Storage Application: General Storage, AI/IVF
  5. 2 2 mL Vial Capacity2 Material3 Static Hold Time3 Liquid Nitrogen Capacity1 Low Liquid Nitrogen Alarm2 Model3 Manufacturer SKU3 LN2 Model

    • CX/CXR Cryo Vapor Shippers for safe transport of biological samples in vapor phase
    • Faster charging with Advanced Concept Adsorbent
    • IATA regulations compliant for open cryogenic receptacles
    • Design features: rugged construction, superior vacuum performance, super insulation for maximum holding times and lockable lid
    • CXR models include replaceable adsorbent
    2 mL Vial Capacity: 102, 500
    Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
    Static Hold Time: 18 Days, 16 days, 11 days
    Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 3.8 L, 3.7 L, 6.4 L
    Low Liquid Nitrogen Alarm: No
    Model: CX, CXR
    Manufacturer SKU: CX100B-11M, CXR100-11M, CXR500
    LN2 Model: CX100, CXR100, CXR500
  6. 1 Design1 Material7 Static Hold Time6 Liquid Nitrogen Capacity1 Model7 Manufacturer SKU

    • TW LD Series Liquid Nitrogen Dewars safely stores and dispenses LN2 samples
    • Available in 4-50 liter LN2 capacity models
    • Made with rugged high-strength aluminum body, magneformed necktube, ribbed exterior and durable paint
    • Snap-on cap and necktube provides a tight closure for sample security
    • Optional Liquid Withdrawal Device on models: 25LD, 35LD and 50LD
    Design: Benchtop
    Material: Aluminum
    Static Hold Time: 10 days, 6 days, 45 days, 109 days, 119 days, 152 days, 122 days
    Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 4 L, 5 L, 10 L, 25 L, 35 L, 50 L
    Model: LD Series
    Manufacturer SKU: 4LDB, 5LD, 10LDB, 25LDB, CLASSIC, 35LDB, 50LDB
  7. 4 2 mL Vial Capacity1 Design1 Material5 Static Hold Time9 Liquid Nitrogen Capacity2 Low Liquid Nitrogen Alarm1 Model9 Manufacturer SKU2 Storage Application

    • TW XT and AI Series Extended-Time Small Freezers for general and animal husbandry storage applications
    • AI models for artificial insemination applications protect samples from adverse temperature fluctuations
    • AI Shield on models AIS1.5 and AIS3 protects frozen bull semen, improves viability and increases conception rates
    • XT and AI models offer superior insulation and vacuum performance for maximum holding times
    • Optional accessories: spare canister, spare necktube core, roller base, and CRYO-SENTRY alarm
    2 mL Vial Capacity: N/A, 150, 210, 288
    Design: Free Standing
    Material: Aluminum
    Static Hold Time: 27 days, 80 days, 100 days, 230 days, 340 days
    Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 3 L, 8 L, 10 L, 20.7 L, 34 L, 1.5 L, 3.5 L, 21 L, 24 L
    Low Liquid Nitrogen Alarm: No, Optional
    Model: XT Series
    Manufacturer SKU: 3XTLB-5S, 8XTLB-5S, 10XTB-11M, 20XTB-11M, 34XTB-11M, AIS-1.5, XT21-AI-5S, AI24-11M, AI24-5S
    Storage Application: General Storage, Animal Husbandry
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