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    1 Freezer Temperature Range

    • Energy efficient ULT Freezers ensure safe sample storage; suited for COVID-19 va ccine storage
    • Available in 16.46 cu. ft. and 24.7 cu. ft. capacities
    • Suitable for labs storing samples and materials at -86°C setpoint
    • Long-term storage of biological, medical and chemical samples at ultra-low temperatures
    • Environmentally-friendly refrigerants R-290 and R-170
    Freezer Temperature Range: -40° to -90°C
  2. 2 Voltage1 Material1 Controls1 Maximum Temperature3 Capacity1 Convection Type3 Manufacturer SKU

    • ED Series Classic.Line gravity convection ovens designed for quick and efficient drying and sterilization tasks up to 300 °C
    • Inner chamber provides homogeneous temperature control
    • Provides consistent test conditions regardless of sample size
    • Effective thermal insulation reduces operating cost
    • Wide temperature range suitable for use in science, medical, research and quality assurance heating applications
    Voltage: 120 V, 208 V
    Material: Coated Steel
    Controls: Digital
    Maximum Temperature: 300°C
    Capacity: 0.7 cu. ft., 14.1 cu. ft., 25.4 cu. ft.
    Convection Type: Mechanical
    Manufacturer SKU: 9010-0193, 9010-0168, 9010-0341
  3. cULus LogocULus Logo
    1 Voltage1 Controls2 Maximum Temperature3 Capacity6 Manufacturer SKU

    • Provides fast, gentle drying of flammable and non-flammable solvents without residue
    • Large thermal conducting plates deliver optimum heat transfer
    • VDL explosion-proof models with ATEX compliance for flammable solvents
    • Optional vacuum pump and pump chamber create a complete system
    • Includes repositionable aluminum expansion racks
    Voltage: 100/120 V
    Controls: Digital
    Maximum Temperature: +220 °C, +110 °C
    Capacity: 0.8 cu. ft., 1.9 cu. ft., 4.2 cu. ft.
    Manufacturer SKU: 9630-0005, 9630-0006, 9630-0007, 9630-0013, 9630-0014, 9630-0015
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