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  1. 2 Voltage4 Configuration1 Transilluminator Included1 Side Access Door8 Manufacturer SKU1 Imager Resolution

    • Benchtop UVP GelStudio Series with a high-performance 12 MP imaging camera and one-touch capture
    • Available in standard, Touch, Plus and Plus Touch models for genomic and proteomic applications
    • VisionWorks software with template, preset capture setting and analysis features enables user-created custom icons and workflows
    • Includes: Thin-line Transilluminator, software, UV shield and multi-touch computer (Plus models) and overhead white and RGB LEDs
    • Available accessories: Transilluminators (for blue excitation applications), Converter Plates, Emission Filters, Printer and printer accessories
    Voltage: 115 V, 230 V
    Configuration: Touch, Standard, Plus, Plus Touch
    Transilluminator Included: Yes
    Side Access Door: Yes
    Manufacturer SKU: 849-97-0942-01, 849-97-0942-02, 849-97-0942-03, 849-97-0942-04, 849-97-0943-01, 849-97-0943-02, 849-97-0943-03, 849-97-0943-04
    Imager Resolution: 12 MP
  2. Imaging System; ChromaDoc-It (1016-23)
    Usually ships in 8 - 12 days

  3. 1 Voltage2 Transilluminator Included2 Filter Size3 Wavelength1 Printer Included1 Camera Included5 Manufacturer SKU

    • DigiCam 70 color camera with 4GB minimum SD memory card
    • Compact darkroom environment with UV blocking viewer window and handles
    • Interchangeable Ethidium bromide filter inside hood for fluorescent stained gels
    Voltage: 115 V
    Transilluminator Included: Yes, No
    Filter Size: 20" x 20", 21" x 26"
    Wavelength: 302 nm, 302/365 nm, 570/640 nm
    Printer Included: Yes
    Camera Included: Yes
    Manufacturer SKU: 97-0274-04, 97-0274-07, 97-0274-10, 97-0274-13, 97-0274-01
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14 products meet your criteria.

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