Consider these variables when selecting a humidity control system:
  • Humidity Requirement: Your humidity requirement is the single most important consideration. Extremely low humidity applications (under 10% RH) generally call for one of the smart controllers below.
  • Access: If you access stored materials frequently, you will need a variable-purge system that can block inrushing air when a door is opened.
  • Nitrogen Expense: A smart control system conserves nitrogen and reduces costs by up to 78%
  • Ambient Humidity: A desiccator in a humid environment requires a more efficient humidity controller than one in an arid environment.
  • Desiccator Size: Large plastic desiccators typically require more nitrogen, and a more efficient delivery system, than small ones to compensate for the absorption of moisture by the plastic walls.

If for any of these reasons your application requires efficient humidity control, select the SmartDesiccator™ (for small desiccators) or the NitroPlex™ (for large desiccators). See comparison below.