Pass-Through Chambers

  1. 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Equipment for Laboratory and Cleanroom Operations

    The last thing you need is your lab equipment rusting out on you. When considering your specific application needs for new stainless steel equipment, a recurring question in the market remains—what’s the difference between 304 and 316? When should you consider 316? In scenarios demanding the utmost vigilance, you may discover you require 316L stainless steel.

    304 Stainless steel is composed of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. 316 Stainless steel is made up of chromium and nickel at 16% and 10% respectively, but also includes molybdenum—a silvery-white metal that’s highly resistant to corrosion.

    316L Stainless steel contains the same corrosion-resistant materials as 316, but includes the added benefit of a lower carbon content—eliminating the opportunity for excessive metallic contamination and making cracking less likely. Both 316 and 316L are able to withstand chlorides and chlorinated solutions, such as Spor-Klenz® and Isopropyl Acetate

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  2. Benefits of Cleanroom Pass Throughs

    Benefits of Cleanroom Pass Throughs

    Pass through cabinets play a vital role in any cleanroom or controlled environment. They reduce foot traffic, improve cleanliness, safety, productivity, and much more. Terra manufactures and stocks cleanroom pass through designs for every application. Each design includes application specific features to help maximize cleanliness and safety plus lower operating costs. Below is a summary of countless benefits Terra’s cleanroom pass thrus provide. Call us or chat with a product specialist today to find the perfect solution for your unique requirements.

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  3. Cleanroom Passthrough Features Comparison

    Cleanroom Passthrough Features Comparison

    Passthrough chambers are used in cleanrooms and controlled environments across countless industries and applications. Passthrough cabinets have many benefits. Aside from reducing foot traffic in controlled areas, they also help meet special cleanliness, safety, and security requirements in different industries. For instance, pharmaceutical cleanrooms require compliance with USP <797> and USP <800> guidelines for compounding sterile medications and hazardous drugs. Other cleanrooms and labs handling biohazards require similar strict sterilization protocols, plus autoclave-safe designs. Facilities manufacturing sensitive electronics may not require frequent sterilization, but may have other special requirements for ESD-safety and controlled air spaces to minimize particle counts inside the cleanroom.

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  4. Installing Flush-Mount Pass-Throughs

    Installing Flush-Mount Pass-Throughs
    Cleanmount pass-though lag bolt install

    Flush-mount pass-throughs, including CleanMount CleanSeam and CleanMount BioSafe, can be installed and ready for operation in a few minutes once the wall cut-out is prepared. The unique integral bracket mounts the chamber flush against the cleanroom wall without the use of any external fasteners or the need for caulking. With no horizontal surfaces to collect dust, the chamber exterior helps maintain the most critical cleanroom requirements.

    Refer to the Operati

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  5. Installing Fire-Rated and Ruggedized Pass-Throughs

    Installing Fire-Rated and Ruggedized Pass-Throughs
    Terra Universal Fire Rated Pass-through

    Fire-Rated and Ruggedized wall-mount pass-throughs can be installed and ready for operation in a few minutes once the wall cut-out is prepared. The process for contractors is straightforward, requiring the parts received from Terra, two people and the following additional supplies:

    • Phillips screwdrivers
    • Level
    • Fastener hardware appropriate for wall material (drywall or masonry, as examples). The number of fasteners needed will depend on the chamber size
    • Sealant or caulking appr
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  6. Installing Standard-Mount Pass-Throughs

    Installing Standard-Mount Pass-Throughs
    Front and side view of Loose mounting bracket

    Standard wall-mount pass-throughs such as CleanSeam™, BioSafe® and Terra’s plastic and intermittent-seam welded steel chambers can be installed and ready for operation in a few minutes once the wall cut-out is prepared. Refer to the Operating Manual for full installation details.

    The process is straightforward, requiring the parts you receive from Te

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  7. Fast, Space-Saving Pass-Throughs for Large Equipment

    Fast, Space-Saving Pass-Throughs for Large Equipment

    Pass-through chambers streamline workflow by giving personnel a fast, efficient way to transfer objects into, and out of, spaces with different ISO ratings. Facilities save man-hours and expense by avoiding time-consuming gowning. How else can pass-through chambers help the lab’s bottom line?

    High-speed roll-up cleanroom doors for fast, clean transfer of personnel and large equipment (using pallet jacks, hand trucks or casters for mobility) are already available from Terra Universal. New from the leader in modular cleanrooms, however, is the same space-saving door configured as a pass-through chamber. A touch-screen control panel allows automatic push-button opening and closing of roll-up doors on either side. Transfer of large or unwieldy equipment or supplies in and out of the cleanroom becomes faster and easier.

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  8. Why Does Your Cleanroom Need a Roll-Up Pass-Through Chamber?

    Why Does Your Cleanroom Need a Roll-Up Pass-Through Chamber?

    Materials get transferred into and out of cleanrooms all the time. The value of pass-through chambers is well-known, and labs count on them for continuity of their workflow and certification status. Without an efficient method of clean movement between rooms of different classifications, some facilities would be out of business.

    While personnel can enter and exit the room through designated doorways, it’s not feasible for them to bring samples, supplies, carts and equipment with them. Besides the cleanliness problem of excessive object handling, the donning and doffing of garb would be time-consuming and expensive.


    The Value of Pass-Through Chambers

    Terra pass-through chambers come in many formats, but some of the basic features are the same. For example, interlocks prevent both doors from being open simultaneously. Why is this important? If both sides of the pass-through are open, contamin

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  9. A Smarter Way to Use Cleanroom Pass-Throughs

    A Smarter Way to Use Cleanroom Pass-Throughs

    You install a pass-through chamber to reduce cross-contamination between classified and unclassified areas, but what if your pass-through could do more? Terra Universal’s double-wall Smart Pass-ThroughTM is the first to offer unique, state-of-the-art service alerts and condition-monitoring technology. This translates into time and cost savings, plus increased efficiency. Keep reading to find out more about the ways that the Smart Pass-Through guarantees the cleanliness you’re paying for.

    Service Chimes

    Door Alarm Chime | Terra UniversalThe door status alert chimes are specifically designed to ensure compliance with cleanroom protocol. These notifications indicate when

    • The interlock is activated
    • A
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  10. 5 Pass-Through Chamber Solutions That Keep Employees Safe

    5 Pass-Through Chamber Solutions That Keep Employees Safe

    Pass-Through Chambers are a great solution for businesses that need to ensure that their employees are safe and accidents are minimized when passing materials from one room to another. This simple solution, in all of its various forms, allows easy access to what you need to do your job, while also keeping safety your number-one concern. The convenience window and transaction window, as well as the fire-rated safety pass-through solution all solve problems involving safety and security while the roll-up door pass-through and air shower pass-through systems uphold a clean environment in clinical or lab type settings which focus on the sanitation element. Each of the pass-throughs below offers cutting edge technology, which offers extra peace of mind in the daily operations of your business which requires this type of environment.



    The Convenience Window Pass-Through allows you to t

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