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  1. Spectrometry for Sample Analysis: Technique Overview

    Spectrometry for Sample Analysis: Technique Overview

    Several options exist for determining the composition, concentration, and purity of a laboratory sample. Among the most commonly used techniques are Ultraviolet/Visible (UV/Vis), Infrared (IR), and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry. Each technique is capable of providing some or all of these pieces of information you need. In addition, each of these instruments is capable of interrogated different types of samples, including air, industrial chemicals, biological fluids and foods. Therefore, selection of an appropriate technique for analysis of your sample is essential in obtaining the desired data.

    UV/Vis Spectrometers

    Several types of UV/Vis spectrophotometers exist, however they all operate on the same basic principle. In short, discrete bandwidths of light are passed through a sample. “Visible” light energy can be seen by humans, while its close neighbor, ultraviolet, cannot. In the entire electromagnetic spectrum ranging from hi

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  2. Movers & Shakers: what mixer for my application?

    Movers & Shakers: what mixer for my application?

    Instrument options abound for preparing, incubating, washing, or chemical fixation of samples using kinetic motion. Lab mixers that include orbital shakers, vortexes, rockers, rollers and rotators are all offered in a variety of configurations (capacity, speed, duration, slope and more). These common lab instruments have been a necessary component of basic experimentation and sample preparation for decades; almost as long as chemists have understood the impact of motion.

    The diversity of these mixing instruments is second only to the media and containers with which they are used. Thus, one must consider not only the procedure being performed, but also the nature of the samples used. Here we discuss this equipment and their most common applications to assist you in selecting the correct solution.

    What are these instruments?

    Orbital Shakers & Vortexers

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