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  1. Advantages of Lyophilization for Long-Term Sample Storage

    Advantages of Lyophilization for Long-Term Sample Storage

    Lyophilization, also known as freeze-drying or cryo-desiccation, is the process by which water is removed from a sample without the need to apply heat. Many labs prefer the process of lyophilization over direct heat when it comes to long-term sample storage since freeze-drying prevents sample contamination and promotes sample stability in life science and food manufacturing applications.

    Benefits of lyophilization (freeze-drying):

    • Samples processed in aseptic conditions
    • Does not use heat
    • Less heat ensures sample (drug) stability
    • Increases shelf life
    • Samples can be stored at room temperature indefinitely
    • Reduces weight and volume of samples; ideal for shipping
    • Useful in drying perishable materials
    • Does not shrink samples

    Process of Lyophilization

    The process of lyophilization requires sterile conditions and special equipment.


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  2. Choosing the Right Laboratory Refrigerator or Freezer

    Choosing the Right Laboratory Refrigerator or Freezer

    Just as there are many different types of laboratories with varying needs, there are many laboratory freezers/refrigerators to fill those needs. Based on the types of specimens and supplies you intend to store, choose a freezer that fits the bill. Keep reading for some information that will help you determine which units work best for your lab.

    Jewett Pass-Thru Lab Refrigerators

    If you handle non-critical samples that still require temperature uniformity and security, these Pass-Thru refrigerators are ideal. Your laboratory will run more efficiently with the ability to access the refrigerator at multiple entry points. The dual-direction sliding drawers are convenient for technicians on both sides to quickly access samples and supplies. With heated, triple-pane glass doors, there is no risk of condensation or fog. When necessary, you can secure your samples by locking the door with a key. Its affordability makes it a great choice fo

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  3. Standard Hand Dryers vs the PureDry™: Which is Cleaner?

    Standard Hand Dryers vs the PureDry™: Which is Cleaner?

    Electronic hand dryers are all the hype when it comes to hand-drying cleanliness. Did you know, though, that they’ve been proven to be less efficient and hygienic than paper towels, according to a 2012 Mayo Clinic study? Then, why would anyone willingly choose to use them? It’s true certain hand dryers can leave your skin dirtier than before you began; however, the researchers only examined commonly sold models of hand dryers. ULPA-filtered (Ultra-Low Penetration Air) hand dryers, such as Terra Universal’s PureDry Cleanroom Hand and Glove Dryers, would drastically change the outcome of the evaluation.


    So what should you look for in a hand dryer?

    Most models of hand dryers found in public restrooms, even cleanroom gowning rooms

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